Theodore A. Ocran is an enthusiastic, versatile, and result-driven Mechanical/Project Engineer  with proven leadership and management skills with an extensive experience in mechanical  engineering design/ graphics, industrial maintenance and mechatronics, project management  and industrial systems drawings. Have an extensive experience in directing and managing  engineering projects, performing quality assurance, managing stakeholders engagement,  monitoring and controlling project scope. Led the engineering department in creating work  breakdown structures (WBS), estimating activity resources/durations, determining budget and  performing qualitative and quantative risk analysis. Have an extensive experience in creating and reviewing engineering project designs/drawings utilizing AutoCAD. 

Theodore has over 20 years of diverse experiences in mechanical, manufacturing, renewable  energy, mechatronics and, project engineering and management. 

  • Industries & area engaged with includes Manufacturing, Energy, Construction, and Education.  

Accomplishments includes: 

  • Managed, planned, and executed factory layout redesign project resulting in updated and  efficient process that greatly increased productivity, mass production, and reduced cost. Initiated and managed income-generation jobs (consultancy services), which increased the  department’s revenue by 15%. 
  • Designed and executed artificial neural network maximum power point tracker for solar  electric vehicle. 

Education includes: 

  • Project Management Cert.(Professional -Foundations), Villanova University, Pennsylvania (2013) 
  • MSc. Mechanical Engineering, Belarusian National Technical University, Minsk, Belarus (1992)  BSc. Mechanical Engineering, Belarusian National Technical University, Minsk, Belarus (1990)