Our Focus

        What We Focus

At i2iMegaHub we are passionate about harnessing African innovation with integrity, respect and in a structured manner across sectors and industries for global good. We are committed to train African innovators and inventors on comprehensive innovative processes to increase innovation outputs across Africa for global competitiveness.

  • We help innovators and inventors to bring their ideas to the global marketplace by providing services including advisory, R&D, marketing, public relation (PR) promotion, prototyping and protection of ideas and invention (including patent filing, etc.) as well as connections to talents, investors, partners, customers and more. We offer thorough business financial and technical analyses and tests for commercial viability. We walk innovators through the entire innovation process from ideation to commercialization, and beyond, including evaluation, screening and prototyping.
  • We connect solution seekers and solution providers. We offer market intelligence and help clients build relationships with potential customers, corporates, governments and fellow innovators and start-ups.
  • We convene diverse stakeholders and attract new investment. We also provide access to the i2iMega-Hub’s innovation ecosystem, a curated community of entrepreneurs, investors, corporates, academics, private and government partners.
  • We offer workshops, seminars, training, seed funding, co-working space, peer community, and mentorship needed to retire risks and prepare for acceleration.
  • We help innovators and inventors file patents or navigate the patenting process.
  • We provide funding for the right innovations and inventions that do not have the financial resources to bring their ideas to commercialization.
  • We help governments to spur innovations and inventions in countries across Africa.
  • We offer social and environmental innovations with partners, investors and funders to help social disadvantaged areas in Africa.