Rev Dr Michael Onwona Appiah has strong Accounting and Finance background, with Bachelor  of Science in Accounting from Globe University, Minnesota; Master’s Degree in Public  Administration-Fiscal Management & Budgeting at Hamline University, Minnesota; Master’s  Degree in Business Administration-Corporate Finance at Hamline University, Minnesota; and  Doctorate in Business Administration-Entrepreneurship & Corporate Finance at St Mary’s  University, Minnesota. Michael is an ordained Pastor at House of Glory Ministries, Minnesota.

He  has served on serval non-profit board, and still serving with strong experience as grant manager,  accountant, and financial controller. Michael is the CEO of 3mb Health Services, Health Helper’s  Staffing and 3mb Management Consultants managing churches and other non-profit  organizations, business consultant, Healthcare expert, and an entrepreneur. As Certified Tax  professional, Michael file taxes, advice, tax auditing and represents both corporate and  individuals. Like reading, movies, public speaking, mentoring and an author of Entrepreneurship  Made Easy Book.