Faustina Esi Yankson (Mrs. Faustina Awuni) has background in Computer Appreciation,  Accounting & Auditing and Banking from the Federal University of Technology in Minna, Minna  College of Education and GTZ (formally GIZ), respectively. All from the Niger State of Nigeria. The  family moved back to Ghana in 2014 after spending 21 year in Nigeria.  

Currently, Esi Yankson doubles as the Managing Director of Bambace Farms (a subsidiary of  Bambace Securities) working on Agriculture and Aquaculture. Also, she is the Head of Agriculture  and Hospitality for AFCFTA Policy Network (APN).  

Prior, she was a Resource Person on E-compliance for the Government of Niger State, Minna  Nigeria and Political Awareness Unit during General Olusegun Obasanjo’s presidency. She  managed many other private business ventures while in Nigeria.  

Faustina Esi Yankson (Mrs. Awuni) sits on board of AFCFTA Policy Network (APN) and Cryptorise  Investment Limited.  

She has done extensive research on African spices and inspired to be part of movements that will  make the African continent agriculturally independent. She believes agriculture is among some  of the key levers to provide jobs for the growing Africa’s youth population as well as support  industrialization across Africa.