Dr. Anthony Adarkwa is a selfless and dedicated clinician with a diverse progressive experience  in management of health facilities and establishing new facilities. 

He is a clinician with over (8) years’ experience in both Public and Private Practice. He has BDS, BSC from the university of Ghana Dental and Medical School respectively. 

Dr. Adarkwa is an enthusiast of medical and Dental Innovations, and research. He is involved in  various dental articles in Ghana.  

He is an oral health advocate, seen in various media platforms in Ghana such as GTV, UTV,  educating the public on oral health and its benefits. 

His expertise includes; business innovation in health, operation and management of health  facilities, Facility set-up and Health Education. 

Currently, Dr. Adarkwa is a dental surgeon at St. Luke Catholic Hospital Apam and double as a  private practitioner for Finney Hospital and Fertility Centre, Holy Trinity Medical Centre, All are in Accra-Ghana.