Benneh Richard is a distinguished alumnus of the University of Cape Coast (Ghana), holding a Bachelor of Education in Social Sciences (Geography major) and a Master of Arts in Governance and Sustainable Development. With over two decades of experience in education, he has made a profound impact on student outcomes and school success.

As a passionate and effective teacher of Social Studies and Geography, Benneh is renowned for his pragmatic, persuasive, and informative approach. He is a team player who inspires and motivates others, and his humility, intelligence, ambition, and sense of humor have earned him the respect of his peers and students.

Benneh’s love for education and teaching was instilled by his father, who valued education as the key to success. Through his teaching career, he has discovered the joy of inspiring and engaging students, and his personal interaction with them is a highlight of his profession.

Beyond teaching, Benneh has extensive experience in community engagement and volunteering, particularly with UCSOND, a civic-oriented NGO in Ghana’s Western Region. He firmly believes in the importance of school-community partnerships and has dedicated himself to fostering a culture of civic engagement and good citizenship.

Benneh’s ultimate goal is to empower his students to become focused, self-assured individuals who realize their full potential and utilize their talents to make a positive impact. Currently, he teaches at Colleton County School District in South Carolina, where he continues to inspire and shape the minds of future generations.