Mr. Atta Junior Kuffour (ING. , CGIA) is an experienced Computer Engineer by profession and a Chartered Analyst from the institute of Chartered Global Investment Analyst, United States of America. He is the founder of a Ghanaian registered corporate business, Glomot Company Limited and tertiary school, Glomot Industrial Science and Technology Institute – GISTI. Mr. Atta Junior Kuffour is a co-founder of a registered university called WEST AFRICA UNIVERSITY OF AVIATION AND INDUSTRIES. 

 Mr. Atta Junior Kuffour (ING. , CGIA) is the Vice President of the Silicon Valley of Ghana and the youngest Board member. He has written many ideas into books including the ‘CENTRAL SYSTEM’ that drives many innovative policy frameworks and operations in the e-government system application development in Ghana such as the DNA Identification system, electronic Micro-Taxation System, Roads E-Toll system, National Standard Pricing system, Mega Data Center Development etc. Mr. Kuffour is an expert in Cyber innovation development, Forensic technology, and system architecture.

Mr. Atta Junior Kuffour (ING. , CGIA) is an author of a book ‘PARACOGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT’ that teaches strategic curriculum development for industrial science and technology education. He is a researcher in NANOCOMPUTATION MATHEMATICS, New Unicode and language codes assembling. He is a great researcher into the ENIGMA CODING and Cipher technology education.