A globally focused ‘Mega Hub’ connecting African innovation that coordinates as well as provides innovation services under one roof needed to unlock the full potential of African innovation and bring commercially viable technologies to the global marketplace. By collaborating with inventor/innovators partners including like-minded investors. The Mega Hub comprised of six (6) interconnected and staged hubs will ensure that Africans and the world at large will benefit from transformative solutions that emanate from the continent.

At i2i Mega Hub we work across sectors and industries to offer a wide range of high-value ideas to impact services including business, technical and financial feasibility analyses for decision making at each stage of the innovation process, competitive analyses, patenting, solution (i.e. processes/products/services) design, prototyping and testing, commercialization, post-commercialization; R&D; coaching and mentoring; marketing and public relation (PR) promotion, as well as access to talents, capital, experts, testing facilities and training, research institutions, special labs, customers and more.This mega hub will empower African innovators and inventors by equipping them with the tools to develop, refine and bring their ideas and inventions to market with confidence.